Here's my story: I've been to several different chiropractors and not one of them has kept his word like Dr. Flood has. HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. He focuses on a result that’s it, isn't that the reason people go to chiropractors? Looking for results? All the chiropractors I've been ... Read More
May 22, 2012cwchiro
I injured my neck and suffered with it for the better part of a month due to financial concerns. I tried everything I could think of, but things kept getting worse. Then someone gave me a coupon for ClearWater Chiropractic. It turned out to be one of the best gifts ... Read More
May 22, 2012cwchiro
Ever since I have been a teenager I have been using chiropractic and it has been very helpful. I had some deep muscle issues going on that normal adjustments would not cure. I decided to come and have him take a look at my situation. I had some severe inflammation ... Read More
May 15, 2012cwchiro
I had a lot of pain in my back and my neck and I thought it was time to get this sorted out and a friend of mine recommended ClearWater Chiropractic to me. For I’d say about 15 years I have suffered with my back. Lifting was a problem bending, ... Read More
May 15, 2012cwchiro
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