Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Eau Claire WI

What can Dr. Flood do for your Back Pain?

If you are experiencing reoccurring back pain, then a chiropractor may be your answer in finding relief. Dr. Flood of ClearWater Chiropractic, uses non-surgical means to treat disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system through manipulation of the spinal column as well as other parts of the body. While the manipulation and readjustment of the vertebrae of the spine for pain relief is still controversial in the general medical community, there is no question from anecdotal evidence that the techniques of the chiropractor has brought substantial pain relief to millions of people.

The basic premise that Dr. Flood operates is that the proper alignment of the spine relieves the pressure on muscles and nerves which creates pain. That misalignment, even by small degrees, not only causes centers of pain but also prevents the body from properly heals itself through the restoration of proper flow.

Dr. Flood works to correct the imperfections in the alignment of the vertebrae which may have a variety of causes through what’s commonly known as an adjustment, which may also apply to other parts of the body as well depending on where the pain is originating. For those suffering from back pain in the Eau Claire WI area, Dr. Flood will use one or more techniques to create spinal adjustments to bring about pain relief.

The spinal adjustments are usually done with the hands. The first step is generally a stretch and massage of the muscles in the spinal area to help loosen them up so that the vertebrae can then be manipulated. At this point Dr. Flood may perform applied pressure to the spinal column in order to achieve the right effect or in some cases use high speed thrusts to quickly jolt the spine into the proper position.

In some cases, he may also use spinal traction to achieve the necessary results of putting the vertebrae in the right position. When combined with physical therapy, such treatment has brought about a significant reduction in pain for most patients. Prescribing physical therapy after treatments is a common practice with most chiropractors as they recommend stretching and strengthening exercises which will help bolster the muscles around the spine to keep proper alignment as well as help prevent future occurrences of back pain.

Most chiropractors can also offer more immediate pain relief and generally a stronger long term solution for the prevention of certain types of back pain from reoccurring. However, back pain that is caused by advanced arthritis for example, will need treatment from a medical practitioner instead as the techniques of a chiropractor may aggravate the condition. The first step is a correct diagnosis of the back pain,  followed by the appropriate treatment.

Chiropractors can be of great help in relieving back pain that is muscular or alignment in nature, especially if addressed in the very early stages. From the research that has been done, those suffering with back pain who sought treatment in the first month reported more relief from pain that those who waited for a longer period of time.