Chiropractic For Infants & Children

Chiropractic care can be very beneficial for infants and children for multiple reasons. In fact, children respond quicker and better to chiropractic care than most adults do.  Infants and children are adjusted much differently than adults.  Because of children’s joints being much looser and easier to move, Dr. Flood & Dr. Kelbel have a much softer and gentler approach to their adjustments that have produced great results.

Dr. Flood & Dr. Kelbel of ClearWater Chiropractic are certified professional Chiropractors located in Eau Claire WI who treats both infants and children in need of a chiropractor.

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Use Gentle Approach

Our chiropractors use a more gentle approach to adjust infants and young children to increase their health.

Enhance the Immune System

By making small adjustments on infants and children, the immune system will function better leading to better health.

Treat Pediatric Conditions

Chiropractic can help treat many common pediatric conditions including poor sleep, reflux, bed wetting and more.

Frequent adjustments can help common pediatric conditions such as:  colic, poor sleep, reflux, constipation, torticollis/head tilt, bed wetting as well as ear infections and asthma.  School age children who suffer from headaches, neck and back pain and extremity injuries can also benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments. The key to good health is a properly functioning immune system which can be enhanced in both children and adults through restoring natural nervous system function.


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