Chiropractic For Work Related Injuries In Eau Claire WI

Have you recently been injured in the work place and have been experiencing back and neck pain? Well, our chiropractors of ClearWater Chiropractic can help with such injuries. Dr. Flood & Dr. Kelbel have experience in treating work related injuries that cause pain throughout the head and neck as well as the lower and upper back.

Why let an injury that you suffered on the job keep you from getting back to work and supporting your family. Most work places even cover the costs of your chiropractic care due to such injuries which can all be talked about during your initial meeting with Dr. Flood.

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Initial Visit

On your initial visit, Dr. Flood or Dr. Kelbel will sit down with you and go over all the costs that may be covered by your employer.

Receive Proper Care

At Clearwater Chiropractic, we will give you the proper care you need to relieve you from pain throughout your body.

Get Back To Work

Our chiropractors will treat you accordingly to get you back working as soon as possible so you can provide for your family.

After a work related injury has occurred it is very important to receive the proper care from a certified professional. Such care can and will stop the pain as well as rehabilitate the area affected by your work injury. Without the proper treatment of a chiropractor, the injury is likely to reoccur or never heal correctly.

So if you have suffered a work related injury recently and think chiropractic care can help, contact our chiropractors today. We are conveniently located at 2907 Mall Drive South Point Plaza Eau Claire, WI 54701.


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