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Through different chiropractic adjustments, Clear Water Chiropractic In Eau Claire WI can help with Scoliosis treatment. If you are dealing with pain from scoliosis, give us a call today.

Poor posture and chronic pain are two of the primary symptoms of scoliosis, both of which can affect a person’s life and long-term health. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine and can often be missed in childhood and adolescence since it typically develops at a slow pace with only subtle symptoms. At ClearWater Chiropractic, we emphasize the importance of regular evaluations for early detection in addition to holistic treatment options to manage pain and prevent the curvature from worsening.

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scoliosis treatment eau claire wi

Diagnosis & Causes

Diagnosing scoliosis requires a medical professional to examine the spine for a sideways curvature, with more severe cases sometimes requiring X-rays or MRIs to determine the extent of the curvature. Some common signs that you or your child may have scoliosis are uneven hips or shoulders and sometimes tingling, numbness, or pain. Rarely, cases of scoliosis can be secondary to disorders such as muscular dystrophy or caused by a musculoskeletal defect. Some cases are also developed due to back injuries or inflammatory events. Determining if there is an underlying cause is essential to coming up with an effective treatment plan.

However, there is no known cause for most cases of scoliosis and they are considered idiopathic. We do know that subluxations of the spine move the vertebrae out of alignment during development, causing the spine to be less likely to develop in the correct position. Most cases of scoliosis occur as the spine is developing or as the spine is declining, making the most at risk groups adolescents and the elderly. While subluxations of the vertebrae are common as the spine rapidly grows, they are also common as the discs between the vertebrae begin to deteriorate and muscle degeneration leaves the spine with less support. Females and those with a family history of scoliosis are also at a greater risk of developing the condition.

Scoliosis Treatment

Correcting subluxations as they arise and frequently checking for scoliosis in childhood and adolescence can help to ensure that it be prevented, detected early, or managed for better long-term results. Scoliosis can be somewhat cyclical; the pain that occurs as a result of the spine being out of line can cause the muscles to further tighten, pulling the spine further from alignment. In the same light, scoliosis can cause poor posture and poor posture can lead to a worsening of scoliosis.

Dr. Flood & Dr. Kelbel at Clear Water Chiropractic can provide chiropractic care as well as give guidance on exercises and stretches that can help to strengthen the muscles of the back to support the spine. If you already have scoliosis, the condition cannot be cured or reversed, but chiropractic care can be effective at reducing pain, improving posture, and preventing the condition from getting worse as you age.