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With an average 5 star Google rating, ClearWater Chiropractic is one of the most well respected pregnancy chiropractors in the Eau Claire WI area.

Visiting a chiropractor during a pregnancy can bring many benefits for the female. We understand that this is a very exciting time in your life and want to make sure you have a smooth pregnancy without the side effects.

Some great results we have seen from our patients who get adjusted during their pregnancy include reducing time of labor and delivery, pain relief of the neck, back and or joints and decrease the chance of a cesarean delivery. These are ultimately leading to a much healthier pregnancy for the mother.

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pregnancy chiropractor eau claire wi


Chiropractic care for women who are pregnant is safe for both the mother and baby with no known contraindications and many benefits.

Good for the baby

Shorter and less difficult labors with optimal delivery position are some benefits to chiropractic care during pregnancy. These improvements help to make sure that the baby is delivered safely with less chance of complications.

Pain and Nausea Relief

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be effective in relieving back pain, nerve pain, joint pain, headaches, nausea, and undue stress on bones and ligaments due to pregnancy.

Great Benefits Of a Pregnancy Chiropractor

The body goes through a series of radical changes in a short amount of time during pregnancy in order to make room for the new baby and prepare the mother for the birthing process. In the process of these changes and under the stress of additional weight, the pelvis and spine often become misaligned and pressure is increased on nerves, organs, vessels, and joints. These changes can cause pain and pressure for the mother and make it less likely for a natural birth to be possible. A misaligned pelvis can reduce the space the new baby has to grow, move, and prevents optimal fetal positioning for birth but chiropractic care is able to resolve issues like this.

The mother’s joints and ligaments are softened as pregnancy progresses and the body prepares for labor, so getting your adjustment from a chiropractor who is familiar with pregnancy chiropractic care is essential. A chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Flood or Dr. Kelbel can alleviate these issues and allow for a healthier, more comfortable, and safer pregnancy.

Dr. Flood & Dr. Kelbel care about the comfort and safety of mothers and babies and can adjust your spine as well as counsel you in how to maintain your spinal, pelvic, and dietary health throughout the pregnancy. It is recommend to get regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy to ensure that misalignments and nerve pressure can be corrected before they start to cause aches and pains for the mother or inhibit the baby’s movement. Chiropractic care is particular successful in correcting breech position during pregnancies with the Webster Technique and helping the baby to have more space to move. The sciatic nerve is often one of the nerves that can cause pain during pregnancy, presenting as shooting pains down the leg and numbness. This and other nerve pains are able to be safely alleviated through chiropractic treatment and are much safer than alternatives like drug therapies. Chiropractic care also allows for blood, lymph, and nerve flow to remain optimal, thus reducing edema, inflammation, nausea, and pain.

Chiropractic care is not recommended if you are experiencing vaginal bleeding, premature labor, placenta previa or abruption, ectopic pregnancy, or moderate to severe toxemia; be sure to consult your physician if you experience these conditions during pregnancy and before you see a chiropractor to ensure one of these conditions isn’t present.